Reusable Coffee Pods


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DAILY USE PODS: Great for making the perfect cup of coffee or tea, the Reusable Coffee Pods provide the perfect jumpstart to your morning!

DYNAMIC DESIGN: Similar to Keurig pods, the Reusable Coffee Pods are enclosed with steel net fiber. Fill up with your favorite tea or coffee grinds and create your perfect batch

SAVE BIG: No longer spend $4 every morning on cups of coffee or tea. The Reusable Coffee Pods are essential daily use pods for professionals, parents, students, and more!

EASY USE: Comparable to Keurig pods, the Reusable Coffee pods are simple and easy: fill each pod with your favorite coffee or tea grinds, place inside your Keurig & Viola!  

 CONTENTS: Each set includes 3 pods and 1 scoop. Reusable Coffee Pods are BPA Free, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe!

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