Eco Collapsible Splatter Shield (Beige)


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  • SPLATTER PREVENTION: No longer worry about messy microwaves and tedious clean-ups, the Collapsible Microwave Shield protects your appliances and keeps your food fresh
  • MULTI-USE: Perfect for plates and bowls, Collapsible Microwave Shield is the ideal kitchen accessory! Use for soups, pastas, oatmeal & more!
  • COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN: Designed for dynamic use and easy storage, quickly collapse your Microwave Shield when not in use and place in drawer, cabinet or shelf!
  • KEEPS FOOD MOIST:  Sustain your meal's nutrients! Collapsible Microwave Shield encloses your meal and releases natural steam through the ventilated cover
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Easily wash and re-use your Collapsible Microwave Shield, simply place in dish washer or clean with soap and water

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