Cool Touch Microwave Bowl

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COOL TOUCH: ECO-Cool Touch Bowl allows you to instantly remove your food from the microwave and enjoy after cooking

HEAT AND SERVE: Warm your food in the ceramic bowl and safely carry with the cool touch bowl holder! The ECO- Cool Touch Bowl includes a ceramic bowl to warm up & store your food, a bowl holder with handle to safely carry & hold your food, and a vented lid to prevent food splatters in the microwave

VENTILATED LID: Perfect for stews, rice dishes, chili, pasta & more! The ECO-Cool Touch Bowl is perfect for daily meals! Removable, vented lid keeps food fresh and is perfect for storing leftovers

ONE-HAND GRIP: Safely carry your food with the easy access cool touch handle

DIMENSIONS: Fits in all microwaves! Item Size: 11.02” L x 9.45” W x 1.18” H

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